Yamaha aerox tuning guide

Scooter Focus - Site Map Variator Tuning - Choosing the right Roller weight Of the various things you can do to your scooter to improve performance, selecting the optimum roller weigh is probably the cheapest, easiest and most effective assuming that the weights have not been optimized before.

The variator is the key component in the transmission and it's effectively and automatic gear change system which continuously varies the gear ratio from low to high, depending on the speed of the scooter. The roller weights in the variator determine how quickly the gear ratio moves from low to high during acceleration and what gear ratio is used at any given speed. Variator with 8 rollers though 6 is more common The weights operate the "gear change" through centrifugal force.

Moped Tuning - Rollers!

The faster the variator is spinning, the greater the force, and the heavier the weights, the greater the force. So a set of light weights and a slow spinning variator means a low force and a slow gear change or no change at allwhile a rapidly spinning variator and heavy weights means a lot of force and a tendency to shift gears rapidly and stay in "top" gear longer.

In an analogy with a 6 speed manual stick shift car, low weight rollers act like you are staying in 1st gear until the engine reaches peak revs say rpmthen changing up to 2nd gear all the way to peak revs again, then 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th gears but only changing up to 6th gear if peak revs can be obtained in 5th gear. This gives you fast acceleration at the cost of some fuel economy and potentially never getting up the top speed in 6th gear.

On the other hand, heavy roller weights are like staying in 1st gear up to rpm then shifting to 2nd gear. The when the revis hit rmp again, shifting into 3rd gear and so on.

Slow acceleration, good economy and eventually a high speed in 6th gear.

yamaha aerox tuning guide

So how do you decide what weight rollers to use? For a cc scooter you can get rollers weighing from around 10gm to around 15gm. Which one is best depends on the scooter, the power of the engine, the gear ratios, the design of the variator, the weight of the rider and what you want from the scooter maximum economy, maximum performance. If the scooter has a tachometer rev counterit makes life easier because you can see what's going on. If you accelerate at full throttle and the revs rise to about rpm and pretty much stay there, then the rollers are too heavy.

On the other hand if the revs go op to rpm and stay there, the rollers are too light. Ideally for maximum performance, the revs should rise to around rpm and stay there while you are under full acceleration wide open throttle. When you get to the speed you want say 45mphwhen you back off the throttle, the revs should drop back a little to something around rpm, depending on the scooter.

Though this indicates whether the rollers are too heavy or too light, it doesn't really tell you how much too heavy or too light they are. You have to guess based on what the weight of the actual rollers in the variator is. For a cc scooter it's unlikely they will be lighter than 10g or heavier than 15g so you should end up somewhere in that range.

However, if you have no experience it's easy to add a small tachometer to a scooter or other small engine.

Stage6 Tuning Kit "Sport" 70cc Yamaha Aerox / MBK Nitro

They are easy to use and run using small internal battery so you don't have to wire them into the electrical system of the scooter. A small wire wraps around the outside of the spark plug lead to pick up the signal which is converted to RPM. On a recent scooter I worked on, the original rollers were 14gm and the engine held about rpm during acceleration.

Dropping down to 11gm rollers raised this to rpm and gave noticeably better acceleration without any significant loss of top speed. Trial and error might be the best or the only way to judge. You can actually modify a set of heavier rollers to reduce their weight by machining or filling out the center metal cylinder. If you try this, it's important to keep the weight of each roller the same to keep the variator in balance. You can mix weighs if you are careful. If you have all the 10g weights on one side and all the 12g weights on the other, you will have problems.

The cylindrical rollers can be replaced by the odd shaped "sliders" shown above.Hi i have got a yamaha aerox r in blue and white derestricted and was wondering whats the best parts to change for aftermarket parts most effective parts?

Be prepared to hear "Pass test" and "Get a bigger bike" from everyone, But I have a lot of experiences with aerox's What S6 kit you got? Are you running the optimum rollers for your acceleration? A YX powered one-off Monkey Bike, something a little different! Nothing if you want it too last the year.

Im assuming that your on a Provisional licence and a CBT? If so, any modification to your moped is illegal and may wind you up in a lot of trouble. Of course, you probably already know this. Why not just save whatever ridiculous amount of money your going to spend on 'tuning' a moped on getting a full bike licence when your 17 and then getting a proper bike.

If you had bothered to do ANY research at all on bolt-on tuning a moped you would have found a few things out: 1 It massively reduces re-sale costs as its obvious to any potential buyer that the moped has been ragged about and therefore they will probably look elsewhere.

You risk snapped cranks, damaged rings, seizing etc. A massively 'tuned' moped will probably put out 12BHP. I suggest Malossi simply for reliability and quality. This will reduce the risk of a snapped cranks. Otherwise you will be under-oiling the engine and risk seizing. Dump the Leo-vince crap. Get yourself a decent Yasuni exhaust. I suggest the Carrera simply because its most suited to this application.

Your also probably going to want to flow the cases and port the engine to get the most power possible. This is VERY time consuming and can go very wrong if you don't know what your doing.

To add more to the cost, before you can even start running this setup your going to have to get it too a dyno center to sort out the rollers and jetting to ensure the perfect fuelling and roller weight. Your also going to have to sort out clutch springs to ensure that you are putting the power down at the right time.

yamaha aerox tuning guide

After all this, you will have spent what the moped is worth just on tuning it too eventually realise that the re-sale value is so low that you wish you hadn't bothered.This section of the website is a collection of technical articles we've written covering moped repair, tuning and product reviews. This site uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience and to show you relevant ads. To find out more, please review our privacy policy.

#1 place to buy scootertuning parts & spares online

Technical Guides This section of the website is a collection of technical articles we've written covering moped repair, tuning and product reviews Moped Tuning Articles Moped Tuning Basics- All about Dynos! Moped Dyno Tuning Basics putting it into practice! Part 1: Guide to jetting a Moped! An introduction to the basics. I've fitted an open air filter to my Aerox - what jet do I need? Will my moped make more power if I fit an open sports air filter? Will my moped use more fuel if I fit an open sports air filter?

I've heard I can jet my moped by doing 'plug-chops'. How do I do this? All about rollers! How rollers affect top speed and acceleration Do I need a gearup kit with a Malossi or Polini Sport 70cc kit?

Malossi, Polini, Stage6 Moped sports exhausts shootout! Leo Vince, Yasuni, Stage6 etc.If you are looking to buy your next scooter, the Yamaha Aerox is a superb choice. It offers breathtaking speed and handling and is loaded with premium features. These riders report experiencing multiple running problems with their bikes, which often makes for erratic performance and plenty of headaches. A common complaint among Aerox owners is that their bikes refuse to run at all on certain occasions.

Typically, your bike should start once you activate the electric starter. However, activating the starter on the affected Aerox bikes hardly gets them to run. Instead of the engine roaring to life, the electric starter merely turns over, and the bike shows no signs of starting.

When these bikes come to life, it is after the hapless owners have made multiple efforts to start them. This problem is common during chilly weather or when the bike has been in disuse for long. Most times, the pattern is the same: the owner starts the bike, rides it for a few minutes, and then the bike stalls.

For some, the stalling occurs when the bike reaches a certain temperature. In such cases, the scooter may lose power after the bike has been running for some time e.

Not only does this affect performance, but it also puts the rider at risk of a collision or crash. However, the stiff suspension means ride quality can be compromised, especially when riding over bumps and other uneven surfaces. It is normal for a motorcycle to vibrate. However, excess vibration can make the ride rough and reduce the joy of riding. Some complaints concerning the Aerox bikes have revolved around their tendency to vibrate excessively.

This often affects ride quality and dampens the riding experience. How does a variator affect vibration? This will cause the engine to lug slightly, leading to the vibration at low speeds. Tuning the variator to allow for more engine RPM at low speed should solve the problem.

Electrical problems can be frustrating for owners, as they often prevent bikes from functioning flawlessly. The Aerox comes with a cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine that offers around 15 bhp brake horsepower of torque and The Aerox offers decent braking power, thanks to a front disc brake and drum rear. For example, Aerox models come with a smart key feature that lets the rider remotely lock or unlock the scooter.

yamaha aerox tuning guide

This feature helps protect your scooter in crowded parking spaces. All you have to do is press the key and your scooter will emit a beeping sound and flash its lights.

Vacuum tube values

Another impressive feature on the Aerox is the dial assembly at the front panel. This component makes it convenient to turn the scooter on and off and open the fuel door and storage compartment.

Other features include a digital instrument panel, LED headlight and taillight, and mobile charging socket. The Aerox comes with a sizeable cargo-holding capacity, thanks to an under-seat storage compartment.

yamaha aerox tuning guide

The suspension also does a good job of absorbing road bumps.In the shop we are asked on an almost daily basis for lighter than standard rollers for improved acceleration or heavier rollers for higher top speed.

There is widespread belief that rollers are a compromise whereby the rider can choose between higher acceleration at the expensive of some loss of top speed, or higher top speed at the expense of some acceleration. This therefore implies that there are no actually 'correct' rollers for a specific bike, and the best choice of rollers is ultimately down to user preference.

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But is there actually any truth to this? First of all we need to consider powerbands. All engines make their maximum power at a specific rpm. The further you are away from this rpm the less power your engine is developing at that moment. As you tune an engine to develop more power the power increases but the peak power tends to occur at a higher rpm and tends to drop off much more quickly as the engine speed moves above or below this rpm, this is what's known as a narrow powerband.

A 2-stroke motocross bike is a good example of a narrow powerband engine, they normally have 6 close ratio gears to allow you to keep the bike revving highly all the time and to remain as close as possible to the rpm where all the power is developed.

Because the powerband is so narrow there is virtually no power at lows revs and you have to work the bike to keep the revs within the narrow powerband all the time. Similarly if you fit a power pipe to a ped without changing the rollers the bike at first seems slower because although the engine now has a higher power output the cost of this is that it occurs at higher revs and the powerband has narrowed.

So whilst your bike might have developed enough power to happily pull away at rpms with the standard pipe, the tuned and now more powerful bike with the pipe fitted actually develops less hp at rpm than it did with the standard pipe and it struggles to pull away. Because the engine only actually develops peak power at one specific rpm a geared bike or car is virtually never utilising it's peak power, it's only actually achieved for a brief moment as the revs pass through peak power rpm whilst accelerating.

Even a standard moped is actually in quite a high state of tune and already has a narrow powerband. To keep the moped within it's narrow powerband it uses a variator system. The idea is that if you know at what rpm the engine develops its maximum power, the variator system can be tuned to keep the engine at that specific rpm all the time meaning that peak power is available immediately and continuously at any time you mash the throttle.

So back on topic Ok, we all know that lighter rollers allow your engine to rev harder and vice versa, and that if the variator is working well it should hold the engine at a constant rpm dictated largely by the weight of the rollers.

But how does this effect top speed?

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It actually doesn't. Roller weight doesn't have any effect on top speed except in unusual circumstances It's important to realise that the variator can only hold the rpm constant until it has adjusted itself all the way out, as soon as the road speed is reached at which the variator can no longer keep changing out the transmission becomes fixed gearing.

The printout below shows a Yamaha Aerox, pretty much standard with a Viper pipe and Polini variator fitted. The only difference between the graphs is that each run up is done with different weight rollers- 3.

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4 Most-Common Problems With the Yamaha Aerox

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