Vidmantas povilas pekarskas

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Pristatymo per 2- 26 val. Marcel Proust Marselis Prustas. Dovis Pa Dovydas Paslauskas. Arto Paasilinna. Ranya Paasonen. Mari-Liis Paaver. Martinkus, R. Paliulis, E.

Chlivickas, A. Tomas Pabedinskas. Skirmantas Pabedinskas. Simone Pacot. Gytis Padegimas. Vytautas Padlipskas. Leonardo Padura. Giovanna Paesani. Joan Pagano.

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Amber Page. Gytis Pagedimas. Nelly Pailoux. Thomas Paine. Imbi Paju. Arvydas Pajuodis. Vytautas Pakalnis.

Romas Pakalnis. Antanas Pakerys. Raimondas Paknys. Mindaugas Paknys. Izaokas Zibucas, Raimondas Paknys. Darius Paknys. Jonas Pakutinskas. Chuck Palahniuk. Juozas Palaima. Andrius Palec. Justas Paleckis.Tallinn : Tallinn University of Technology, ISBN London : Springer Open. ISSN DOI: Vilnius : Vilniaus universitetas.

San Marcos : Texas State University. Riga : University of Latvia, New York : Elsevier Science. Kongens Lyngby : Technical University of Denmark. Vilnius : Technika, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of University of Latvia.

vidmantas povilas pekarskas

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Latvian Mathematical Society. Sigulda : University of Latvia, Glasgow : University of Strathclyde Glasgow. Vinius : Vilniaus universiteto leidykla, Vilnius : Vilniaus universiteto leidykla, Vilnius : Vilniaus universiteto leidykla.

New York : Springer. Vilnius : Institute of Mathematics and Informatics. Tartu : University of Tartu.Any time. Title Keywords Abstract Author All. Show Search My Library. Any time 1 2 9 4 Custom range Display every page 5 10 20 Item. The modeling algorithm and its realization are made so that they can be applied to any profilogram. The comparison of created models and real profilograms is done using autocorrelation functions and fractal dimensions.

The three-dimensional model of the roughened surface is developed and equations, relating the area of the surface to the characteristics of abrasive materials, i.

Those equations are to be used in forecasting the area of the surface of a butadiene-styrene rubber evading the experiment itself.

vidmantas povilas pekarskas

Abstract : Phonon-assisted tunneling PhAT model is applied for explication of temperature-dependent conductivity and I-V characteristics measured by various investigators for graphene nanoribbons and oxides ones. Proposed model describes well not only current dependence on temperature but also the temperature-dependent I-V data using the same set of parameters characterizing material under investigation. In order to follow these principles, a case study was performed, thus observing and recording the process of laying concrete in three houses where a lower ground floor was casted employing fiber concrete.

The collected data were required to fragment the process of laying concrete into smaller operations and examine each operation independently. The examination of operations was introduced in certain units of measurement — time, the number of workers, cubic meters of concrete used, space area, etc.

This information helped with distinguishing useful operations from useless actions bringing no value to the product. The previously mentioned methods can be applied to useless operations to reduce their duration or even eliminate them. The main problem is the process of laying concrete splitting it into smaller operations, operation analysis and adaptation of Lean principles.

The implementation of Lean system can reduce waste and increase the value of the final product. Abstract : In a celebrated work by Hoeffding [J. These inequalities had a considerable impact on the development of probability and statistics, and remained unimproved until when Talagrand [Inst.

Hautes Etudes Sci. By similar factors, a third theorem was refined by Pinelis [Progress in Probability 43 ] and refined and extended by me. In this article, I introduce a new type of inequality. The results extend to martingales with bounded differences.

It is apparent that Theorem 1. Abstract : We propose a phonon-assisted tunnelling model for explanation of conductivity dependence on temperature and temperature-dependent I-V characteristics in deoxyribonucleic acid DNA molecules.

The capability of this model for explanation of conductivity peculiarities in DNA is illustrated by comparison of the temperature dependent I-V data extracted from some articles with tunnelling rate dependences on temperature and field strength computed according to the phonon-assisted tunnelling theory. PACS Codes: Abstract : Even at the dawn of a full-fledged information society Homo Informaticus as well as its netted counterpart - Homo Irretitus - already carries a handful of badly compatible fears and hopes.

First, anxieties about an inevitable desolation of habitual patterns of human interaction and values,as well as an inexorably impending threat of horrifying global control. Second, evergreen optimism of rapidly approaching egalitarian era under the pledge of free universal access to information, cornucopian abundance of all imaginable material and spiritual goods, and unrestricted reign of knowledge once for all overthrowing unjust orders of power and brute force.

The article puts under the close scrutiny the key pro et contra arguments involved in the theoretical articulation of these basic attitudes and examines the topical question: why can neither the dreadful fears nor the gay hopes of Homo Irretitus be reasonably sustained in the face of critical inquiry?

Many business leadersacknowledge the fact that organizations have their stakeholdersthough the dynamism and interdependence ofrelationships between organization and stakeholders arenot explored enough.

Tiesinės algebros ir analizinės geometrijos elementai/ Pekarskas Vidmantas

Every organization has its uniquestakeholders and their groups. Indeed, they are part of its current wealth andits capacity to generate more wealth in futureTotal quality management only raises the problembut does not provide any solution. From this point there is one drawbackin scientific literature that there are no wider discussionsor references how to pursue that. Quite often constructivecooperation with stakeholders is missing; unsatisfactoryalignment of interests emerges and all that impedes satisfactionof stakeholder interests and reduces organizationcompetitiveness.

People and organizations are apt tokeep relationships when this corresponds to their interests. During initial stage interests of stakeholders areidentified but later a more difficult process comes whereconsensus is sought from the long-range perspectiveThree different notions could be disting.These allegations have been raised a number of times and neither Povilas Ruzgaila nor TokenDesk have ever denied them.

The victims only knew they were scammed when they arrived into Finland. This summer, a number of advertisers appearing to be working in the Kajaani forests in Finland to collect mushrooms and berries in fintrud, an intermediary company in Estonia. The main earnings were said to be blueberries, which they allegedly had blueed with combs in a bucket for half an hour and a total of kg per day. The first people went around July 26th — July 27th. After entering the office, Povilas tried to believe that the scammers are only Vidmantas Laukaitis and Leskauskas, and they are the only legal persons who have signed full contracts with the Estonian company fintrud.

KTU - MGMF - Kodėl turime mokytis matematikos?

Vidmantas Leskauskas basically offered the same thing as Povilas Ruzgaila only started to pay litas litas for his services. There have now been many online complaints from those berries who have suffered from these individuals, but they still seem to be able to get away nicely.

They do not respond to calls, messages and look like they are lost in the water. Meanwhile, Vidmantas is still trying to propagate propaganda on the internet complaints page, that complaints are only written by lazy paranoia, but obviously not. Accommodation took place at school, teaching 6 euros a day, there were no people who supposedly had to curate the whole thing in Finland, some even had to find collectors.

Including the fact that there is a need to eat, it is obvious that people have been completely deceived it is understandable that most people overestimated the opportunities, but the scammers had to at least not let lies. I am writing to collect the data of the victims and to have enough complaints to convict those three cheaters who are profiting from the unemployed during the crisis.

Anyone who has been harmed should write about their experience in Finland complaint and contact here or by e-mail in order to collect complaints and bring these actors into law enforcement hands.

Povilas Ruzgaila has given the following telephone numbers:, but does not answer yet. Urgent pickers of berries and mushrooms are needed in Sweden, Finland! The electoral groups are formed until August 30, departure from mid-July.

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Salaries EU per month. The number of employees is limited. This year it should start on July and continue until the second half of October. Work is not particularly difficult, but it is desirable that those who want to work are physically healthy.

Age — 18 years. There is no upper age limit, but it is necessary to assess your chances of being employed. Working and living conditions are really good. There will be people living in the room. All amenities, including internet, TV, sauna, are in every house. When living in a room for more than 4 people, there are discounts for rent, it is 6EU per person per day. Good yield is forecast this year. Berries are picked with special tools that you buy at a low cost.All Title Author Keywords Abstract.

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DOI: Keywords: abrasionsurface roughnessthree-dimensional model of a rough surfaceautocorrelation functionfractal interpolationfractal dimension.

This paper presents the methodology and results of surface roughness simulation of soft polymer materials using approximations of fractal interpolation curves. The modeling algorithm and its realization are made so that they can be applied to any profilogram.

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The comparison of created models and real profilograms is done using autocorrelation functions and fractal dimensions. The three-dimensional model of the roughened surface is developed and equations, relating the area of the surface to the characteristics of abrasive materials, i.

Those equations are to be used in forecasting the area of the surface of a butadiene-styrene rubber evading the experiment itself. QQ: Paper Submission. Contact Us service oalib. OALib Suggest. Live Support Ask us anything. Super Fractal Interpolation Functions.

vidmantas povilas pekarskas

Smooth fractal interpolation. Spectrum of Fractal Interpolation Functions. Graph-Directed Fractal Interpolation Functions.Dina Sergijenko. Tomas Kavaliauskas. Vytenis Kudarauska. Vytenis Kudarauskas. Abigail Tucker. Adolfas Vala. Adomas Grinius. Adomas Rutkauskas. Adomas Rutkauskas.

Adomas Taluntis. Aidanas Praleika. Aidas Adomaitis. Ainis Kavaliauskas.

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Ainis Razma. Airidas Korolkovas. Aistis Girnius. Aivaras Bagdonas. Aivaras Dankis. Aivaras Pranarauskas. Aivaras Ventis. Alan Taub. Albertas Skurvydas. Albinas Bagdonas. Aleksandra Koroliova. Aleksandras Iljinas.Extra pressure now on Keith Frazier and Omega Harris.

UTEP has gone over in 14 of their last 21 games when the total is 140 to 149. This game features the 13-11 Sixers and the 18-8 Cavs. This game will be easy pickings as the Sixers will rest their star Joel Embid and this line just is too low. Cavs lost outrite last night at the Pacers and will not be to happy going into this one.

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In the last nine years, this situation is sensational 23-3. The 7-5 Baltimore Ravens are in Pittsburgh to take on the 10-2 Steelers and for a number of different reasons, I think this on favors the visitors.

Baltimore has won three straight. Pittsburgh enters off a come-from-behind 23-20 win over Cincinnati on Monday night. Note that this is a revenge game for the Ravens after they fell 26-9 to the Steelers in the first meeting back on October 1st. Denver, which has lost eight in a row after a 3-1 start enters into this game in a shambles.

HC Vance Joseph's first year as head coach hasn't gone as planned, and the entire team looks to be on the verge of mutiny.

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Meanwhile, the Jets behind veteran quarterback Josh McCown are doing well in what was supposed to be a rebuilding season. The experienced QB has 18 touchdown passes and only eight interceptions while playing every snap this season. Of the Jets' seven losses the jets have suffered during this campaign, only one has been by double digits, and they've had a fourth-quarter lead in three others and are a very under rated squad.

I'm betting the NFL offensive player of the week (McCown) and a cohesive blue collar group will once again be the catalyst behind a Jets victory here today.

DENVER is 0-8 ATS in all games where the total is between 35. The Washington Redskins will visit the L. Chargers at StubHub Center Sunday afternoon, and I think we'll see a high-scoring affair. The Redskins took a 38-14 loss at Dallas last Thursday and need a win here to keep their almost non-existent playoff hopes alive. Over is 14-3 in Redskins last 17 games following a straight up loss and 6-1 in their last seven games in December.

I expect a big game for rookie running back Samaje Perine against one of the worst run defenses in the league. The Chargers have allowed just a total of 16 points through their last two games, but first they played a Cowboys team still adjusting to the loss of Zeke Elliot and most recently the Browns.

Mike CASHED his NFL GAME OF THE MONTH last Sunday, and he's back with another BIG WINNER on the pro gridiron Sunday night. The only way to ensure you don't miss a singe play is to sign up for a subscription. The Browns are 0-12 and kust fired their GM, Sashi Brown, this week. This is a team thats still very far from rebuilding and you have to think there's NO incentive for them to win this game as it would be much better to give the new GM the 1st overall pick in this Aprils draft.

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