Sister in law trying to break up marriage

There are countless victims of psychological abuse perpetrated by the narcissistic mother-in-law. She is the controlling matriarch. One classic situation is the triangulation of the narcissistic mother, her son and his wife.

In the beginning she pretends to care deeply about the new member of the family. But this can never be the case with a narcissist in any family role. The narcissistic matriarch spreads lies about her daughter-in-law, beginning with subtle digs and innuendos about her character and family background. These lies are dropped like pedals on a lawn—meant to be barely noticed. In secret she goes to her son and slowly and skillfully drops poisonous bits of gossip about his wife. She puts doubts in his mind about her.

At the same time the narcissistic mother is intimating that his ultimate loyalty belongs with her where it has always been. The wife becomes slowly aware that she is not welcome in this family. She turns to her husband who feels conflicted between loyalty to his mother and love and duty to his wife. After years of hurt feelings, attempts at bending to the will of this impossible woman, being on the receiving end of insults and false accusations, the daughter-in-law is forced to make a fateful decision.

sister in law trying to break up marriage

These are difficult choices, especially if there is a strong pathological fusion between mother and son. These ties that bind are made of steel and cannot be unraveled. This is a difficult path but can be accomplished.

How to React When Your Mother-in-Law Tries to Break Your Marriage

The individual leaving the marriage often benefits from highly skilled psychotherapy, a support group of close friends and her own family of origin. It is better to be true to yourself than to struggle under the yoke of a woman who is out to destroy your individuality and peace of mind. Comment:From:Evelyn Hi Linda. Thank you for this great blog. This was so similar to the situation i was in with my own mother.

8 Tips to Protect Your Marriage from In-Laws

She tried to destoy my marriage acting like she accepted it in the beginning and then working away in the background trying to destroy the love i felt for my husband. She tried to also destroy the good relationship i had with his daughter. My mother broke me down almost to the point of no return and i nearly lost everything my husband, my home, his daughter, her kids and she nearly destroyed my spirit completely.

This is such a hard thing for me to write — the tears i have cried and my sadness at discovering she is narcissistic. I have been no contact for 3 years now and the feeling of freedom and joy is amazing. I am finally free to make my own decisions, wear the clothes i choose instead of her always having her say in what i wear and she even made fun of the way i spoke. Her quest for total control of me was ridiculous.

Thank you Linda for all your blogs. I am in pain. I have so much anxiety and I am really so hurt by these soulless creatures and my now ex. I have picked up the mess and started over so many times I cant count and I just cant help but love my husband even now. I have lost my home kids money job savings and my fight.

I take that back those things that I no longer have were litrally stolen behind my back and for no reason. I cant even begin to tell the details of this hell ive been locked in for to long!

I had no idea there was a war against me.This is part one of a three-part series by Sarah P. Note: After seeing some of the comments about my last article on narcissismI felt like this would be a timely piece. In this series, I present clinical data about narcissism, then, weave in some attachment theory, and finally, pull the information together with personal observations.

Though the focus of this piece is not specifically infidelity, I believe that there might be useful pieces of information that universally apply to all marriages. Though she loved Steve dearly, Suzy was literally on the verge of offering him an amicable divorce. You see, after years of experiencing a very tenuous relationship with her mother-in-law, Suzy felt that leaving her marriage was the only option.

Suzy explained that even when they first became engaged, Suzy could not wait to become one big happy family. Her attitude was that, the more family, the more love there was to share. Suzy reported coming from a wonderful, loving family and having a good childhood.

Soon after that, her relationship with her mother-in-law went from terrible to absolutely unbearable. Now, all of those things that Suzy mentioned can be part and parcel of the sometimes tenuous mother-in-law and daughter-in-law dance.

But, this was not the reason Suzy was a seeking a divorce. The events that Suzy recounted next took me by surprise since they are not common in normal mother-in-law and daughter in law relationships. But then again, Suzy had never really encountered an extreme narcissist. Thus, nothing could have prepared her for the events that were about to unfold. So, a very hurt Suzy asked Steve if all three of them could sit down and have a reasonable family conference.

Suzy was also irate that she found her locked filing cabinet had been broken in to and that her MIL went through her medical history and other private data. Steve even admitted privately to Suzy that he caught his mother meddling in the filing cabinet. Most of all, Suzy hoped that having a reasonable discussion could put her relationship with her MIL on a firm foundation. Suzy was hurt and angry but still wanted to negotiate a new relationship with her mother-in-law that was based on love and respect.

Steve agreed that this would be a good approach and that he would lead the conversation.

sister in law trying to break up marriage

They both made a pact to be extremely diplomatic and thoughtful about their words, so they discussed them in advance. All three of them sat at the table together and Steve stated the intent of the conversation.

First, Steve talked about the things that had bothered him. His mother sat silently. Then, he asked Suzy to talk about what was bothering her. Steve then motioned for a very nervous Suzy to continue. I would like to hear your side and work toward having a great relationship with you. Now, if Suzy would have been dealing with a normal mother-in-law, the conversation would have been difficult; but, the difficulty would have gotten resolved as each person empathized with the feelings of the others.

There might have been some tearfulness and hurt feelings, but the two women may have actually developed a more authentic relationship after such a discussion.

Then Steve, displaying outward disbelief described what happened next. My mom almost lunged across the table, all the while shouting that Suzy was a whore who deserved to be dead. Suzy seemed taken back to the moment as Steve described these events. I heard loud pounding on the stairs. I froze as my mother-in-law stormed into the nursery. She looked like she was physically going to rip my wife apart. I remember ordering Suzy to take the baby and to leave the house immediately!

It was like something out of a movie.Sometimes they are just meddling all the time. So what can you do?

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According to marriage and family therapist Lesli M. Of course, you are still a member of your family of origin and that familial relationship is important. However, note Doares, both of you must remember that once you marry, your allegiance should shift to your partner. You are forming a new family that takes priority over the old, says Doares. Hopefully, everybody can get along.

But in any disagreement between spouse and family, you need to side with your spouse if their position is reasonable and rational. If someone has to be disappointed, it should be the in-laws, not your partner. Because you are the one with feet in both camps, it is your job to manage the relationship with your parents.

If you truly want to protect your marriage from meddling inlaws, this is a must. It is unfair and, ultimately, unworkable to leave this role to your spouse.

This means you will have to deal with any outstanding issues you have with your parents. When it comes to abusive, meddling, advice giving, or surprise visiting in-laws, what you tell them about your relationship, holiday celebrations, child rearing, etc. The more you try to change their minds or behavior, the more power you give them in your lives, advises Doares. Grieve their choice, provide appropriate information about your family, manage your hurt, and move on.

sister in law trying to break up marriage

Learn to let go of that idea of one big happy family says Doares. Your spouse may never want to have anything to do with your family but you can still be in contact with them. You will just have to adjust your expectations about when and how you see them while protecting your marriage at the same time. Sometimes, if you can drop your end of the rope and stop trying to make everyone get along, the two parties can change their position over time. Your partner and your marriage are your top priority.

Protect your marriage. You and your spouse must clearly define the boundaries of your marriage. This means deciding who comes in, when, and under what circumstances.

You promised to forsake all others. This means your parents. As early as possible, decide how you want to spend holidays and other important occasions as a couple. Do not just go along and hope you can change it later.By Naomi Greenaway for MailOnline. A woman who successfully set up her brother with one of her best friends ended up becoming so jealous of their relationship she tried to wreck their marriage.

Husband and wife David and Sandra Greatrex, 53 and 52, from Plymouth, have told their shocking story of harassment, which culminated in David's sister Anne cancelling the couple's wedding using a fake email address just weeks before the big day. The couple have spoken about their family feud on Channel 5 documentary, Family Secrets and Lies, which airs tonight.

Scroll down for video. David, 53, and wife Sandra, 52, from Plymouth, were harassmed by David's sister. I did not think someone was capable of doing that,' says Sandra of the horrifying moment Anne informed them she'd managed to cancel their nuptials behind their back. Luckily, the couple managed to piece their plans back together in time for their winter wedding though. Sandra first met David after his year marriage fell apart and her friend Anne, David's sister, suggested they meet.

Before long the couple were inseparable. But although Anne's matchmaking had worked, she was not happy about their relationship and started sending Sandra threatening text messages telling her to stop seeing her brother. Maybe it was jealousy,' says Sandra. Ann Duffy, pretended to be her now sister-in-law and cancelled her brother's wedding.

But the relationship continued and Sandra and David became even closer. Then one day Sandra proposed. Then David took the hint and gave Sandra a romantic proposal.

For a while the angry texts from Anne tailed off. Then 20 days before the wedding, the couple received a distressing phone call. David remembers: 'I was lying in bed when the phone rang and Anne said: "I've got to tell you - you might want to pot the phone on loudspeaker.

I've cancelled your wedding. Sandra says: 'I was in tears and angry. I wanted to go nuts at her. Everything was paid for so it was a lot of worry.

We were up all night. This is your brother getting married. Anne had created an email address in Sandra's name to set about jeopardising the couple's plans.

Luckily the registry office juggled things around and were able to fit David and Sandra back in on their planned date. Ann Duffy called Plymouth Register Office 20 days before her brother's wedding and canceled it. When Sandra reported Anne to the police, Anne admitted it straight away and was given a date to appear in court.

But the angry text messages still continued and when the big day arrived, the couple still feared Anne might ruin it.Relationships with in-laws, and especially with mother-in-laws, can be some of the most challenging relationships we experience. Mothers may not approve of their children's partners because they compare their children's partners to an imaginary "ideal partner.

Luckily, research has found that parents' opinions of their children's relationships often improve with time and that parents become more supportive of relationships that appear to be deeply committed. If you're having a hard time with your mother-in-law, make your relationship with your partner the priority.

Even though your mother-in-law may disapprove of your relationship, the most important relationship for you to focus on is the one you have with your partner. Let your partner know how you feel about him and that you are committed to the relationship.

Giving your partner a sense of security will reduce the anxiety he experiences when dealing with disapproval from his mother. Try not to take the disapproval of the relationship personally. Although there may be specific things about you that your mother-in-law dislikes or disapproves of, chances are, much of her disapproval is unrelated to you specifically and is related more to her own feelings about her child being in a relationship.


It is possible that she has an ideal partner in mind that no individual could ever live up to. Seek support for your relationship from other sources. Social support and approval of relationships from parents are important predictors of relationship well-being and the health of the individuals within the relationship, but research has shown that support from friends can be equally, if not more, important.

Narcissistic Mother-in-Law Breaks Up Marriages

If your mother-in-law is withholding support for your relationship, it may be beneficial to focus on relationships with friends and other family members who do approve of the relationship. Experiencing the approval and support of others will help bolster your relationship with your partner and mitigate the effects of not having the support of your mother-in-law.

Encourage your mother-in-law to get to know you. Your mother-in-law may disapprove of your relationship and meddle with your marriage simply because she doesn't truly know you.

Although it can be difficult to reach out to someone who is making your life difficult, do your best to build a positive relationship with her. Make yourself available to spend time with her and try not to turn down any invitations or efforts that she makes. Emphasize the things you have in common when spending time with your mother-in-law.

Ask your partner about her mother and figure out what the two of you have in common. Finding common ground can help give you a basis for building a relationship and may make your mother-in-law feel more comfortable around you, leading to increased approval of your marriage to her daughter. Continue to demonstrate your commitment to and love for your partner. Although you do not need to prove your worthiness as a spouse or partner to your mother-in-law, the more she sees that her child is happy in the relationship with you, the more likely she will be to approve of the marriage and become supportive.

Research has found that parents become more approving of relationships the longer the relationships last and the more committed the relationships appear. Continuing to demonstrate that you are committed to your partner and to your marriage can help make your mother-in-law feel more confident that her child is in a happy and healthy relationship.

Karen L. Blair has been professionally writing since She is currently a post-doctoral fellow and research consultant. By: Karen L. Focus on Your Relationship Step 1 If you're having a hard time with your mother-in-law, make your relationship with your partner the priority. Tips Be patient. Gaining the approval of your in-laws may be a matter of time.

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Warnings Ultimately, no individual can control the thoughts or feelings of another. The best thing you can do is to make an effort, but in the end you need to focus on your own feelings and your marriage.

About the Author.As the saying goes, you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family. And that also extends to your husband-to-be's, because along with your S.

Signs of Toxic In Laws and How to Manage Them

Hopefully you have a wonderful relationship with her, but that's not always the case. If you refer to her as your "sinster-in-law" instead of your sister-in-law, here's how to deal. While you can't trade your sister-in-law in for a kinder gentler version, you can manage the sitch with all the grace of the lady you are. Thinking about possible reasons for her behaviors might help lessen your desire to hire a hit on her. Here, Chlipala breaks down the five worst types of SILs and how to deal.

She tries to control everything from how you tuck in your shirt to the way you should plan your wedding. As much as this might pain you, Chlipala suggests giving her the benefit of the doubt. Then have a stiff one.

She wants to know everything from what your father does for a living to how much you're spending on the wedding. Before you deck her, calmly tell her the reason s why it's none of her business, says Chlipala. Or you can keep it light and say; "Money doesn't matter when it comes to spending a day with our favorite people. She's single and lets you and everyone else in his family know it. Because it's all about her, right? Try to show a little compassion, says Chlipala.

It's not easy being single, for anyone, when all she thinks she sees are happy couples all around her. Chat with her about what you miss about being single, or about your own dating struggles before you met her brother, says Chlipala.

And since you're already taken, offer to be her wing woman. Remember, the less strife you have before the wedding the better, so taking one for your team can only help keep things peaceful.

Whether it's the number of squats you did at the gym or the hours you work in a week-she always does more. In fact no matter what you tell her, she's already been there, done that, and over it.

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The reality is, "she's probably insecure and needs to compete with you to feel like she measures up," says Chlipala. Again, a gentle approach is best. Compliment her on what she does well and what you admire about her. You can't fix her insecurity, but knowing that it's not just about competition might help you tolerate her behaviors better-at least until after the wedding when you can go all gansta on her just kidding.

Without fail, at every family gathering she mutters something to the effect of, "It's harder to let out a wedding dress than take it in" or "Are you really going to wear your hair like that for the wedding? What you just said is what I'm talking about. By Jennifer Tzeses December 03, Their life was a non-stop series of trips and parties and events.

They traveled to far-flung exotic locales as a pack and with an entourage. They operated as a team, cheering on each person's success or jumping in to troubleshoot a problem another person might have. Whatever happened to one member of the family rippled out to all the other members and everyone chimed in with reactions and advice, Kardashian style.

They were loud, they were flamboyant, they were rah-rah-rah and lots of fun. My family, by comparison, was small and quiet.

I was adopted, and ten years younger than my only sibling.

sister in law trying to break up marriage

My parents had me relatively late in their lives, and I always had that "caboose" feeling: tacked on, not really part of things. After college, I moved miles away and saw my family infrequently. My sister was busy with her family, and my parents were consumed with managing my mother's chronic health problems on their modest retirement funds.

They were not able to be actively involved in my young adulthood, and I felt orphaned. My in-laws made me feel special, like I was a part of something big and important. They were also extremely wealthy and powerful and not the kind of people with whom you want to have a difference of opinion.

So I found myself agreeing to things I did not want to agree to in order to retain my membership in their exclusive club.

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Yes, yes, and yes! Both my husband and I pursued freelance endeavors that didn't pay for our lifestyle, which was subsidized more and more by my in-laws. They were happy to bankroll our life, since they did the same for their two other children and their spouses.

But as anyone who has ever been financially tied to a parent knows, it is very difficult to grow up when Mommy and Daddy control the purse strings. Tacit expectations come with every gift, and indeed, in our case money was doled out on as-want basis: this was for landscaping, that was for the new car, this was to trick out the baby's nursery.

Whether it was because we were used to everyone in the family weighing in on our issues, or because being financially dependent reduced us to acting like children, my ex and I found it difficult to work through our problems without the benefit of a committee. So instead of learning to resolve things between ourselves, we each went to his family for advice on how to deal with each other.

As our relationship became more strained, family members who had been triangled in to defuse our problems became even more involved in our business. By the end, we were one big ego mass. The Crowded Bed is a book written for couples therapists to help clients manage in-laws and family-of-origin issues so they can accomplish what every couple needs to do in order to have a successful marriage: commit to each other.

When one spouse has a primary attachment to someone that is stronger than the attachment to his partner -- be it a lover, a parent, or a child -- the marriage is in trouble.

If couples don't establish clear boundaries with extended family, then they never really join. That was the situation with my ex and me. When his parents came into town, we were expected to rearrange our schedule in order to be with them. If they organized a vacation, we were instructed to jump on a plane even if it meant leaving small children behind.

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